2bU Vending Offers Healthier Snack Options

Santa Fe College has installed a 2bU vending machine outside the Building E auditorium. 2bU is an all-natural vending program offering healthful snacking alternatives such as Lara Bars and Popchips.  Students and employees can select snacks that are  lower in sugar, fat and sodium, as well as vegan, organic and  gluten-free options.

2bU is built on these concepts:

  •  Wellness: 2bU enables consumers to make smart food choices throughout the day that contribute to a balanced lifestyle.
  •  Social Responsibility: 2bU offers products that support health, organic production methods and a range of charitable organizations. Your choice of vending products is a statement that simply says you honor your personal well-being and the environment.
  • Convenience: 2bU makes it easy to purchase healthful snacks and drinks when time is tight. It’s the perfect marriage of health and convenience.
Check out the 2bU vending machine near E-Auditorium and let us know what you think. Please send your feedback via email to David Shlafer.