Club Contact List

Club Contact List

Club Contact List
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Club Contacts:

African Union @ SF

American Association of Zoo Keepers

Animal Education Club

Anthropology Club

Art Club

Art History Society


Brazil @ SF

Christians on Campus

Collegiate Veterans Society

College Republicans

The Comedy Trope

Engineering Club

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Gamers (SF Gamers)

Hispanic Organization of Latino Activities

International Student Cultural Association

Currently Inactive

IT Club

Justice Club

My Sister’s Keeper


Nontraditional Student Organization

Nursing Student Association

Organic Garderners Club

Pre-Med Student Organization

Phi Theta Kappa

Philosophy Club

The Programming Saints

Psychology Club

Readers & Writers Club

Rotaract Club

Scientific Exploration Society

Service Dog Awareness Club

Inactive until Fall 2022

Signing Saints

Society for Nerds

Inactive until Fall 2022

Sustainability Club

Inactive until Fall 2022

Xtraordindary Joy – Genetic Research Club

Inactive until Fall 2022

The Young Democratic Socialists of America

Inactive until Fall 2022