Children’s Book Drive

Children’s Book Drive

Jennifer Tragas, a representative of United Way,  spoke to the Child Development Reading and Language Arts class, addressing the Success by 6 project. Success by 6 promotes early literacy, in families that have preschool children, by providing them with children’s books through home visiting programs.  The RED class addresses emergent literacy for preschool children in their home and daycare/Head Start centers.  The students in the RED, Early Childhood Development saw a need for children’s books in the homes of disadvantaged preschool in Alachua County.

The kickoff for the book drive was the birthday of Dr. Seuss and was celebrated with pizza in the area between Building S and the bookstore.  Many Santa Fe students enjoyed the pizza and denoted money to purchase children’s books.  

The mission for the class was to help build family libraries for preschool children in Alachua County with the goal of increasing early childhood literacy.  Collection boxes were placed in various locations on the SFC campus and other locations throughout the county and Trenton Elementary School.

The students have collected over 1000 children’s books and will present them to the United Way Thursday night. Many Santa Fe students, faculty and staff helped make this a successful project.  Many preschool children in Alachua County will receive these books in their home and they will be able to experience the joy of books.