Checklist for Dealing with Domain and Email Change

Checklist for Dealing with Domain and Email Change

Attention: stops working June 15

Email and webpages containing will stop working on June 15. In preparation, you should:

  • Notify others that your email address has changed
  • Change your personal contacts and mailing lists
  • Change your signature files
  • Update any admin, cisit, and inst bookmarks/links (for example: change to
  • Configure email clients other than Outlook
  • Re-subscribe/re-populate listservs
  • Change links in documents (e.g. Word, Acrobat, Excel, Power Point, etc.)
  • Verify that all references to on your personal and department web pages have been correctly changed to and make corrections if necessary
  • Use FTPS (secured FTP) when updating web content from off campus
  • Change domain name on printed materials

For questions please contact the help desk at or 395-5999.