Room to Dance (With Flair!) at Santa Fe College

Room to Dance (With Flair!) at Santa Fe College

Dance Theatre of Santa Fe is presenting Room to Dance, the annual student-choreographed dance concert at Santa Fe College, featuring hip hop, jazz, modern, contemporary ballet, and fusion — all danced with passion and flair.

Performances at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, June 5 and 6, are free for seniors, children, and those with an SFC ID. The general public is asked for a donation of $1-$5. The shows are in the E Building Auditorium at the Northwest Campus, 3000 NW 83rd St., Gainesville.

There are 14 pieces in this production, produced by 18 choreographers/collaborators and 24 performers. All are choreographed by students with the exception of one piece each by Adjunct Professor of Dance Suzanne Barosso and Interim Professor of Dance Angela McDonough.

“Last year, everyone went for modern dance,” said McDonough, the production’s director and student mentor. “But this year, they went for diversity in the music, the dancing, the costumes. They really went out on their own and stayed true to what they like and don’t like to do.”

McDonough said the students have grown a lot. They completed their choreography by May 15 and have spent the past few weeks perfecting their pieces, whereas last year they tweaked and created right up to the last minute.

“They’re very prepared, very polished, and have gone deeper into the process,” McDonough said.

“Regaining Breath” is a group piece based on “Einstein on the beach” by Phillip Glass. The choreographer, Kellie Harmon, has been a dance scholarship student since arriving at the college. This is her final SFC performance. She is graduating and has been accepted into the dance program at the University of South Florida.

“She’s done a really interesting job of working with the music,” McDonough said.

Kialo Fail-Godfrey, 16, is a High School Dual Enrolled student who collaborated on the choreography for “HipJazzTetrus” (music: “Black Sweat” by Prince) and is dancing in “Mia” (music: “Halo” by Beyonce Knowles). Remy Uhler is another young dual enrolled dance student, also just 16. She choreographed “Candy Man” (music: “Candy Man” by Christina Aguilera).

“They’re both very talented,” said McDonough.

The show’s lighting designer mentor is Liz Reynolds, with assistant lighting designers Ryan Riegner and Leslee Everett, both SFC students. Owen Reynolds is technical director.

For more information, contact Angela McDonough at 395-5674.


• Angela McDonough, interim dance professor, production director and faculty mentor, 395-5674 or email to

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