SFC Digital Media Grads Launch their Professional Careers With a Movie Poster

SFC Digital Media Grads Launch their Professional Careers With a Movie Poster

After graduating from the Digital Media Technology program at Santa Fe College this spring, Marien Zambrano and Ashley Frasier decided to stay in Gainesville and partner up to start their own graphic design firm.

And start they did with a bang! For their very first project, they created a movie poster for a Los Angeles-based movie producer.

The movie La Fuga was produced in Puerto Rico by Pasadena Films and is scheduled for release this fall.

Executive Producer Ivan de Paz commented about Marien and Ashley’s work: “Marien Zambrano and Ashley Frasier created an incredibly beautiful and endearing poster for our film They were able to capture the vision, essence, message and style of the film with such elegance, sensibility and simplicity with the marketing power to help us reach our audience.Truly a work of art.”

Their success has not surprised Digital Media Professor Bonita Dewiliby.

“Marien and Ashley were stellar students and always set the bar on any project they worked on in my class,” she said. “It’s great to see their collaboration on this magnificent movie poster. Their energy and enthusiasm are a delight and it is reflected in the poster.”

While students in the program, Marien and Ashley were recurring award winners at the local, state and national levels.

Between them they received multiple Student Show awards and ADDY awards. They placed in the top 10 in the National Yellow Pages student competition, top 10 in the nationwide search for the Ford Blue Oval Scholars new logo, and, more recently, received Best of Category awards in the Florida Print Awards competition. They were both recipients of the Gainesville Advertising Federation Scholarship in 2008.


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