SFC Trains Energy Auditors for “Green” Careers

SFC Trains Energy Auditors for “Green” Careers

Santa Fe partnered with the Community Weatherization Coalition (CWC) and Florida Works this summer to train at-risk youth in energy auditing skills via the Summer Youth Employment Program funded by the federal stimulus.

Auditors leraned to make low-cost energy efficiency improvements to residential homes and to educate low-income homeowners on behavioral changes to help save up to 20 percent on monthly utility bills. The training was based on curriculum developed by the CWC and was taught by the CWC’s volunteer auditors.

More than 80 young people ages 18-24 completed the training and several of those then performed energy audits on public housing through the Alachua County Housing Authority.

Working in partnership with the Employ Florida Banner Center for Construction and the CWC, Santa Fe is developing a more extensive Level One Energy Auditor training to be offered through Continuing Education this fall.

Colleges around the state have contacted Santa Fe about duplicating the program at their schools. For more information, contact Dug Jones at 352-395-5269.

CWC needs volunteers

If you’d like to take the CWC’s training, become a CWC volunteer. Click on this PDF for details.