Not Your Typical Art Show

Not Your Typical Art Show

What will you see at today’s opening reception of “Light. Form. Fire.”, the Digital Media Faculty Show?

The personal passions and artwork of the faculty who teach our award-winning Digital Media students.

“Each of the instructors has their own special art that they do besides what they do here,” said program coordinator Jorge Ibanez, whose bold, graphic acrylic paintings are part of the exhibit.

The Santa Fe Gallery in M-147 will be portioned into two parts for this show. The front will look like a traditional gallery with the artwork and tract lighting. The rear will be dark, like a theater, with different multimedia pieces looping and being projected onto the walls: animation, movies, music videos, slide shows. If you wish to watch any of the pieces more closely, you’ll have an opportunity at computers along the side.

Wesley Lindberg is showing his infrared prints mounted on an aluminum board that causes light to reflect through and off the photos, accenting their otherwordly qualities.

Bonita Dewiliby creates ceramic tiles and mosaics. She’ll exhibit some traditional square tiles but also some free-form tiles and clay work in interesting colors.

Rhonda Peyton uses colored glass powder and fuses it to create very realistic images.

“Fused glass is kind of hazy and it creates some very interesting effects,” said Ibanez.

She is also showing unryu paper images, etchings and paper lanterns.

Marc Shahboz will display his digital photography.

The opening reception for “Light. Form. Fire.” will be held 7-9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 11. The show will run through Nov. 5. Regular gallery hours are noon-4 p.m. weekdays.

For more information, call Gallery Director Jayne Grant at 395-5464. For specific information about this show, Jorge Ibanez can be contacted at 395-5979.