Another GRU Rebate Check!

Another GRU Rebate Check!

This is a $40,000 rebate check from GRU for the air handler replacement project just competed in B Building. Jesse Pugh was the project manager for this project. (That is Dan Clark from GRU with Jesse.)

From the executive summary of the rebate application prepared by the project engineer, Sanjyot Bhusari, with Affiliated Engineers:

 “The conversion from a multi-zone system to a variable air volume (VAV) system will produce an annual reduction in electrical energy consumption of 117,811 kWh and a reduction of 12 kW of peak electrical demand.”

Kudos to SFC Facilities staff for all their hard work and vision! SFC continues to lower campus energy consumption, despite adding square footage. Thank you for helping to make Santa Fe a more sustainable campus!