Santa Fe College’s Enrollment Tops 17,000

Santa Fe College’s Enrollment Tops 17,000

For the first time in the college’s history, enrollment has moved past 17,000 students. By head count, the college is seeing a 6.5 percent increase. By FTE – full time equivalent – it’s approximately 2 percent.

“The fact that we have over 17,000 students in academic programs sets a new high-water mark in terms of our institutional capacity,” said Ed Bonahue, Interim Provost. “It says a lot about the current need for access to educational programs.”

While enrollment has climbed across all the college’s programs, Bonahue said the greatest growth has been in vocationally oriented programs and in Continuing Education, not to mention the college’s new bachelor’s programs.

“Ironically, this enrollment pressure comes at a time when the state is doing less to support higher education, and so we’re lucky to have great part-time faculty,” Bonahue added. “We need more in almost every area, but especially in math, the sciences, health sciences and foreign languages.”

The college is recruiting adjunct instructors. Anyone interested in teaching for the college  should contact David Yonutas at or call 352-395-5379.