Building B and F Concourse Re-Roof Project

Building B and F Concourse Re-Roof Project

You undoubtedly have noticed that a new re-roof project is about to begin for B Building. For this re-roof project, Scherer Construction will be the construction manager and will work in conjunction with Perry Roofing to provide a new roof to B Building and to the F Concourse.

They are preparing covered, secure walkways on Concourse F, which extends from Building  X, and between buildings G and D, limiting access around the perimeter of Building B with fencing. The north parking lot adjacent to Building D will be used for staging materials, along with a small section of space outside of Building G near the greenhouse. The ramp and entrance to Saints Share Wear will remain fully accessible.

All demolition work will begin after the last class on Friday and will continue for two weeks through Nov. 7. All of the demolition work will be completed during the late night and early morning hours when the college is unoccupied by students, faculty and staff.

After the old roof is torn out and disposed of, a temporary roof will be applied. This will prevent leaking and damage while the contractors begin installing the new roof system. Unlike previous Building B and C re-roof projects, a cold-applied roofing system will be used. There will NOT be a hot tar kettle or foul-smelling materials to disturb those on campus. However, there will be a dust factor when mixing begins for the new roof system and the contractors will do all they can to minimize the impact to the staging area near the parking lot.