Fear Injection ’09: “A Global Nightmare”

Fear Injection ’09: “A Global Nightmare”

Theatre Santa Fe presents a Halloween haunted house in the spirit of this horrific holiday.  Complete with a “Maze of Madness” and many ghoulish characters, this event is guaranteed to send chills up your spine! 

This year’s theme, “A Global Nightmare,” inspires unique images and characters from around the world related to horror. Some environments to be included are: Mayan monsters, Banshees, Leprechauns, Zombies, and a Medieval Torture Chamber.  Be there and BE SCARED!!

LOCATION: Santa Fe College, Northwest Campus, 3000 NW 83rd St., Building E, Room 129

WHEN: 8 p.m.-midnight Friday and Saturday, Oct. 30 and 31

ADMISSION: $4 for all students, with IF (Santa Fe, UF, high school students); $6 general admission; $2 for kids unbder 12, with an adult. Parental caution strongly advised. 

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Graphic images depicted as part of this event. Strobes, fog, and sound effects will also be used. Use parental discretion for young children attending.


  • Gregg Jones, adviser, Theatre Santa Fe, 352-682-4842 (cell) or
  • Kate Wagner, president, Theater Santa Fe,
  • Sarah Emmets, vice-president, Theater Santa Fe,
  • Julie Garrett, for help facilitating your story, or 352-395-5430 (office) or 352-870-2924 (cell)