A Message from the SFC Nursing Programs Director

A Message from the SFC Nursing Programs Director

Lois Ellis writes:

The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) site visitors evaluated SFC Nursing Programs during the past three days.

Four site visitors from Missouri, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Georgia, visited with students and faculty from the ASN, ASN Bridge and PN Programs. The visitors were in the classroom and in the clinical areas. They visited President Sasser, other administrative officers, Human Resources, the Library, support service personnel, general education faculty, the Nursing Advisory Committee and spoke with the Nursing Director at length.

Six standards were comprehensively reviewed. These included Mission and Administrative Capacity, Faculty and Staff, Students, Curriculum, Resources, and Outcomes. The site visitors were impressed with the excellence and commitment of faculty and with the student responses.

At the exit meeting with available nursing faculty, Dr. Sasser, Dr. Yonutas, Dr. Hutchins, and library representatives, the NLNAC Team Chairperson announced that the site team would be recommending that the SFC PN and ASN Nursing Programs receive continuing accreditation for the maximum length of eight years.

This recommendation will go forward to the NLNAC Evaluation Review Panel and then to the NLNAC Board of Commissioners for final approval.