National Radiologic Technology Week

National Radiologic Technology Week

The SF Radiography students wish to celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week (NTRW), celebrated each year during the week that includes Nov. 8, the day German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the X-ray in 1895. During NRTW we recognize the vital work of radiologic technologists across the nation. The theme for 2009 is “RTs Improving Health Care One Image At a Time.”

Open Houses Nov. 10 and 13

Santa Fe’s radiography students are hosting open houses in the Radiology Lab in W-11 and W-15 on Tuesday, Nov. 10 and Friday, Nov. 13, from noon to 3 p.m. both days. Attendees will have the opportunity to X ray their book bag or cell phone or anything they want, except for their body, of course.

SF’s Radiography Grads

Santa Fe Radiography graduates now fill many positions throughout Florida and the nation that utilize some of the most innovative equipment in the medical field. Santa Fe’s Radiography grads specialize in breast imaging, computed tomography, cardiac-interventional procedures, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, radiation therapy and general diagnostic radiology. The SFC Radiography Program boasts a 100 percent pass rate on the national board exam written by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists since the program’s beginning in 1968. Not many radiography programs in the country can boast such a fact.

The associate degree Radiography Program at Santa Fe was founded in 1968. Since its formation, the program has grown to provide educational opportunities in some of the most advanced medical imaging practices in the state, including nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and computed tomography.

For more information about the open houses or the Radiography program, please contact Michael Fugate, Professor of Radiography, 395-5668.

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