H1N1 flu vaccines to be available Friday, November 20th and Monday, November 23rd

The Santa Fe College Student Health Care Center (SHCC) has received an allotment of 1,400 H1N1 vaccines from the Alachua County Health Department, and the SHCC expects  to begin administering the H1N1 vaccines to students, faculty, and staff this Friday on a first come, first serve basis.

To receive a vaccine, students, faculty, and staff must go online at http://dept.sfcollege.edu/ems/pdf/H1N1_Vaccine.pdf, download the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine What You Need To Know Flyer and Alachua County Health Department Questionnaire.

Students, faculty, and staff are required to read the Flyer, fill out the Questionnaire completely, and bring a valid Santa Fe College ID prior to receiving the H1N1 Vaccine.

Only students, faculty, and staff with valid SF ID cards  will be vaccinated.

Site locations:

  • Friday, November 20

    09:00 – 3:30, S-029

  • Monday,November 23

    09:00 – 3:30, R-001