Mentoring Mondays Program

Mentoring Mondays Program

The Mentoring Mondays Program is a collaboration between Santa Fe College and East Gainesville High School. The program provides mentors for girls in grades 9-12 and currently includes 13 girls and 13 mentors.

The program takes place at Santa Fe’s Downtown Blount Center where hour-long mentoring sessions from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. take place on Mondays, twice a month. The mentors and the girls continue communication outside of the sessions as well.

The mentors are professional women residing in the local community and serve as coaches, guides, and positive role models to the young women. The girls make a year-long commitment with their mentors.

Dean Jeffrey Parker coordinates the school based efforts at Eastside High School. The program aims to increase the school’s graduation rate through mentoring and fun activities. Each age group goes on an end of the year trip, from mission trips to trips to Busch Gardens, this program provides many positive avenues for these girls. In order to be in the program, parental permission is required.

Community Outreach and the East Gainesville Initiative coordinates this program for Santa Fe, in hopes of showing these girls how Santa Fe can be a successful option in the future.