W-4 Annual Notification

W-4 Annual Notification

It is once again time to review your W-4 status. If you have had any lifestyle changes during 2009, such as marriage, divorce, or the birth or adoption of a child, your filing status could be affected.

Please check to make sure your address is current and that you are claiming the appropriate number of allowances. The IRS website provides a tax withholding calculator and information. Select “”Welcome to IRS Withholding Calculator” and file a new W-4 if necessary.

Reminder: If you claimed exempt status in 2009 and wish to continue your exemption for 2010, you must submit a new form to the payroll department by Feb. 16. If a new W-4 has not been filed by Feb. 16, withholding will be at the single with zero dependent rates until a new Form W-4 is submitted.

The IRS has published the 2010 W-4. You can also download the form off the SF College Human Resources website, or pick it up in the HR department.

Please direct any questions you may have to Human Resources, at 395-5186, 395-5188 or 395-5190.