Interactive Media Professor Directs Music Video

Interactive Media Professor Directs Music Video

Billboard chart topping darkwave band the Cruxshadows have released a music video for their current single Quicksilver.  The video was directed by Interactive Media Associate Professor Marc Shahboz and combines film noir imagery with a blend of alchemy and technology.

See the video

The Immortal video is now running at every Journeys store in the United States. The band is currently touring Europe in support of the Quicksilver single. Tour dates and single information can be found at their website.

The following Interactive Media Production students worked on the video:

  • Stacston Carter – Assistant Director/Art Direction
  • Kyle Schwiebert – Production Crew/ Design
  • Audra Rauner – Production Crew
  • Shane Robertson – Production Crew
  • Alvaro Guerrero – Production Crew

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