Census Speakers Available

Census Speakers Available

Lauren Poe, who teaches in Santa Fe’s High School Dual Enrollment program and also serves on the Gainesville City Commission, and Dr. Karen Cole-Smith, Executive Director of the East Gainesville Initiative, are available to speak to any SF class, student organization, group, department, meeting, etc. regarding the U.S. Census.

“We would discuss the importance of the census, how it affects our community, and other issues includining the security and safety of it, and what the money goes toward and what we would get from the census representation in Congress — just generally all the things that surround the U.S. Census,” explained Poe.

Historically, the highly mobile college student population has been hard to count — in part, because many people believe that college students are counted on their parents’ questionnaires. However, students living away from home will receive their own questionnaires, so to prevent students from being counted twice (or not at all!) in the census, they and their parents need to know this.

Poe is available for afternoon appointments; Karen can speak in the morning or afternoon with adeqaute notice. Please contact them inidividually by email if you are interested in booking them.

U.S. Census Bureau website.