Google is challenging communities to “Think Big with a Gig.” If selected Gainesville will have networks that deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today. Imagine:

  • Live HD calls to loved ones anytime
  • Multiplayer gaming at the speed of … whoa!
  • Downloading an entire HD movie in 5 minutes

Now through March 26, Google is challenging communities to show what they should be the new home – and leader – of this technology. We are that community! We need your help to prove it. And fast!

Create something!

It can be a photo, a song, a video testimonial, a sketch, a video of your interpretive dance about a Gig for Gainesville, a video of your cat doing an interpretive dance about Gig for Gainesville. It can be whatever you want it to be! Be creative! Be edgy! Just please be appropriate. To keep things consistent, start your piece with the question:

Why a Gig for Gainesville?

  • 1. How would a Gig for Gainesville benefit you/the community? What could you do faster? How would it make your life and the lives of those around you better, easier and more fun? What kinds of cool new things could you do?


  • 2. What can you/the community do to help Google build this network faster and more efficiently? Google wants to know that Gainesville will be a great city to work with and that we will be creative in working around development obstacles.

We need these by March 22! (We said it was fast!) Visit

  • Submit your piece by uploading to the Gig4GNV Facebook group, uploading to YouTube with “Gig4GNV” in title, or e-mail it to You can also record a video testimonial directly from your webcam on the Video Tab on the Facebook Page.
  • Nominate Gainesville at
  • Become a Facebook fan of Gig4GNV.
  • Follow Gig4GNV on Twitter.

Spread the word! The more people we have backing this, the closer we get to a Gig!

Go to for all of the above and more.