New Media Toolbox: Santa Fe Digital Media Student Showcase

New Media Toolbox: Santa Fe Digital Media Student Showcase

The Santa Fe Digital Media Student Showcase presents the best work by students in Santa Fe College’s award-winning Digital Media Technology program.

The gala opening runs from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, April 29 in the President’s Gallery in the Administration Building at the Northwest campus, 3000 NW 83rd St.

There will be 150 pieces in various media including digital art, photography, advertising design, digital video and animation, with 3-D animation plays a significant role in this year’s show. There will be logos that turn on all axis, 3-D modeling, advertisements, promotions and more. Large-scale posters will also catch the eye with their color and sheer size.


Awards are given out in categories such as: computer illustration, photography, package/product label graphics, web design and much more. This year’s competition includes an alumni category where past students can show how the workforce has shaped their skills.

The show will run through the end of May, but opening night will present the video elements on a large-scale projection screen with enhanced sound. Afterward, the video presentations will be viewable on a desktop station that will be present until the end of the exhibit.

Opening night will also be the only night to see graduating students’ portfolios. In past years, this annual event has led to students landing jobs before they even pick up their diplomas, said Digital Media Technology Coordinator Jorge Ibanez.

“When we teachers see the see the quality of the work, we are in awe,” said Ibanez. “If we had to compete with them [the students] in the marketplace ….” he added with a shake of his head.

This year’s students have excelled at their presentations and took home 40 local ADDY awards, which are given by the Advertising Federation of Gainesville. Magdalena Raszca, whose work will be in the show, designed the event’s poster. She is graduating in the Graphic Design track this spring and received six silver ADDYs in January. The Advertising Federation of Gainesville also awarded her a scholarship.

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