Operation Carepak Blew Away Their Goal of 15 Carepaks

First packing party far exceeded expectations

It was exciting to see Operation Carepak, well, in operation! Yesterday’s packing party was a great success. The goal was to send out 15 carepaks; they sent 19, but packed an additional 36 carepaks!

(They are saving some to send out next month. Although they will still be having a packing party next month, they wanted to get ahead of the game. Their goal is to maintain their commitment to the soldiers through December.)

It should only take about a week or two for the packages to reach the soldiers, according to Jennifer Mullis, steering committee chair. 

The next packing party is scheduled for 3-4:30 Wednesday, June 2 in D-115 (enter through the parking lot). If you’d like a donation box for your classroom or department, please contact Operation Carepak.

For logistical information, please contact Jennifer Mullis at 395-5236. For information about donations, partnerships, or the project as a whole, please contact the project’s founder, Anne Marie Mattison, at 381-3828.

Web gallery of yesterday’s packing party

Operation Carepak – website