Operation Carepak Blew Away Their Goal of 15 Carepaks

Operation Carepak Blew Away Their Goal of 15 Carepaks

First packing party far exceeded expectations

It was exciting to see Operation Carepak, well, in operation! Yesterday’s packing party was a great success. The goal was to send out 15 carepaks; they sent 19, but packed an additional 36 carepaks!

(They are saving some to send out next month. Although they will still be having a packing party next month, they wanted to get ahead of the game. Their goal is to maintain their commitment to the soldiers through December.)

It should only take about a week or two for the packages to reach the soldiers, according to Jennifer Mullis, steering committee chair. 

The next packing party is scheduled for 3-4:30 Wednesday, June 2 in D-115 (enter through the parking lot). If you’d like a donation box for your classroom or department, please contact Operation Carepak.

For logistical information, please contact Jennifer Mullis at 395-5236. For information about donations, partnerships, or the project as a whole, please contact the project’s founder, Anne Marie Mattison, at 381-3828.

Web gallery of yesterday’s packing party

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