Kristen Littlefield Honored with ‘Work of Heart’ Award

Kristen Littlefield Honored with ‘Work of Heart’ Award

Santa Fe College sophomore Kristen Littlefield was recently honored with the Alachua County Work of Heart Award for the SF Collegiate Individual Volunteer of the Year Award.

Seventeen awards were presented at the 38th Annual Work of Heart Awards banquet to Alachua County groups, organizations and residents who chose to make a difference in their community through volunteerism over the past year.

As the past president of the Circle K student organization at SF, Kristen performed more than 350 hours of community service.  She also served as a Service-Learning Scholar for the Office of Community Service in spring 2010.  

This past year, Kristen was in charge of planning community events and activities for her organization. She volunteered regularly for multiple events such as the American Heart Walk, March of Dimes, Project SFC for both fall and spring, and has volunteered her time working with horses at a nearby farm.

Kristen is an exceptional individual, with both the passion and fervor to meet her life goals while pursuing her academic studies at the university level.

“It has been my impression that Kristen is a fast learner, cooperative, highly intelligent, and shows great attention toward others,” said Dr. Angela Long, Coordinator of Student Leadership and Activities. “Without fail, she has been friendly, courteous, and trustworthy with every event that she has participated in.”

Kristen, an SF Honors student, has received a variety of honors, including the Florida Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship and the SF Honor Roll. She was also recently selected to serve as an SF Ambassador for the 2010-11 school year.

 This is Kristen’s first Work of Heart honor. Congratulations Kristen!

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