Renovation and Construction Update

Renovation and Construction Update

Fine Arts Hall

It’s hard to believe that construction on the Fine Arts Hall started last August. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

A look at the latest aerials will show that roofing work is well underway, the stucco finishes are progressing rapidly, and the window frames are being installed. Site work and utility connections are also making great progress. What you can’t see from the exterior is that the catwalks have been constructed and a huge scaffold is in place inside of the audience chamber so that the elaborate ceiling can be constructed. All of the craftsmen and tradesmen continue to move forward rapidly on the inner workings of the building.

We are on track to finish in early 2011. During spring 2011, Santa Fe’s Performing Arts faculty and students will get settled into their new space. The building will open to the public when Santa Fe celebrates the grand opening with the entire community on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011.

FAH Site/Utility Work in Parking Lot #4

Portions of Parking Lot # 4, east of the Library, including the entrance from NW 83rd Street, will be closed through January 2011. Underground utilities are being laid, new outdoor lights will be installed, and then the new parking lot construction will begin for the formal entrance of the FAH. We apologize for the inconvenience to the students and faculty who were parking in that area.


These classrooms and the adjacent corridor have been remodeled to create the UF@SF Center. The contractor has nearly completed the work. Furniture and equipment installation is in progress. Occupants will move in the week of Aug. 16and the space will open in time for fall semester.


The new tech teaching room will be getting a facelift with new paint and carpet and innovative furniture to accommodate a large group meeting space or breakout teaching areas for smaller groups. The room will be ready for classes Aug. 23.

L Building

We are having a final inspection Aug. 11 and will move the remaining furniture in Aug. 13-15. The staff can move back in Aug. 16 beginning at 8 a.m.

M Building

HVAC units are up and running, and new ceiling grids, new lighting, new sinks and countertops, and new paint and flooring are all completed. A new dust collector has been installed outside the woodshop. We are beginning to move back some furniture. We will have the substantial completion inspection on Aug. 4. We are on track to move occupants back into the building on Aug. 16.

P Building Math Studio

The contractors are working around the clock to complete the project on time and they are doing a great job at keeping to their rigorous schedule. All the new walls are in, the new HVAC will be starting up today, new ductwork, new lighting, and new paint will all be finished today. Flooring installation starts Tuesday morning and furniture will begin to be installed Aug. 5. With no time to spare, IT will be hot on the heels of the furniture installers to set up 94 new computers and the 52 previously used ones. We will move staff and faculty into the space the week of Aug. 16.

B Building Interiors

A minor facelift is being completed in Building B with new paint, flooring, and ceiling tiles in the public spaces. The upgrades will really help to complete the renovation of last summer’s HVAC replacement.

O Building/North Road Pedestrian Improvements

This project was designed with pedestrians in mind. Although we have made it through the short term road closure on North Road, the crew has now moved up into the parking lot by Building O. New sidewalks, ADA accessible, and a curbside walkway will be clearly marked. This will enhance the safe travels of pedestrians parking in the Building O area or those commuting from the Zoo parking lot as well.