Tips to Save You Stress Getting to Class

Tips to Save You Stress Getting to Class

Greetings and welcome to Santa Fe College!

Our campus is expecting a record number of students for Fall term. Because we have a major construction project on campus – the new Fine Arts building near the library at the Northwest campus – access to that end of campus is limited. 

What can you do to make navigating the NW campus less stressful?

Start by checking your schedule the night before to make sure the room number hasn’t changed and your class hasn’t been canceled. And then,

arrive at least 45 minutes early.

There are thousands of students and cars coming in, just like you…Beat the rush.

And here’s a campus map to help you find your classes and FAQs to help make your day go smoother!

    Enter campus in the most efficient way 

    • Travel on NW 83rd Street to enter campus.
    • From the south, use the South Road entrance for the west and south sides of campus and Administration Road for the central campus.
    • From the north, use the North Road entrance for the north and central campus.
    • NOTE: Traffic barely moves along the North Road – so don’t even think about using North Road as a thruway. Construction and busy pedestrian crosswalks cause major congestion.
    • Use North Road (eastbound from 91st Street) only to drop off children at the Little School or to enter the Zoo’s parking area.
    • Use North Road (westbound from 83rd Street) only to enter Faculty parking or Library parking.


    • Save hunting time! Park in the Grass Overflow Lot north of the Gym and Building O — Access this lot by turning onto NW 91st Street off of NW 39th Avenue (across from Publix). NOTE: This is the only place where you may park on grass!

    Watch your speed

    • Obey the speed limits all around campus. On NW 91st Street, the limit is 30 mph and is strictly enforced by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. Don’t start off the semester with an expensive speeding ticket!
    • The speed limit on campus is 20 mph and campus police do enforce this!  

    Insider tips

    • Don’t park in faculty-reserved parking (the blue spaces) – you’ll get a ticket for sure.
    • Avoid North Road between the Library, Gym and Zoo.This is the most congested area of campus, especially in the morning and at lunchtime.
    • Exit right when leaving campus from Administration Road onto NW 83rd Street – left turns are not permitted.
    • Leave your skateboard at home.
    • Ride your bicycle on the perimeter of campus and in the parking lots, but not on the sidewalks or concourses.
    • Smoke only in one of three gazebos on campus – nowhere else!
    • Leave any firearms and weapons at home.