Start the Bus! Kick-Off Event, Oct. 26

Start the Bus! Kick-Off Event, Oct. 26

On Tuesday, Oct. 26, Santa Fe’s Student Government will be hosting the Start the Bus! Kick-Off Event and an accompanying Press Conference beginning at 10 a.m. in the Oak Grove.

Start the Bus! is a student-led initiative to lobby Tallahassee to give Florida colleges the right to add a transportation fee. This transportation fee will grant state colleges the right to add a small fee that students will pay when registering for class. When students pay this fee, they will be able to have unlimited rides and better routes on the city’s public transportation system.

This transportation fee has proven successful as it has been in use at the State University System since 2000 for public transit for students and capital transportation improvements. Santa Fe College needs your help, as this will also increase student access to higher education, strengthen the state economy, reduce college maintenance, construction and personnel costs, and enhance community growth management initiatives through the passage of the Transportation Bill. Local businesses, apartment complexes, local and state politicians as well as representatives from the Regional Transit System will be in attendance at the kick-off event to show their support for the bill.

Free food, activities, t-shirts, and more!

For more information about the Start the Bus! Kick-off Event, please contact:

  •  Samuel Morris, Secretary of Press, or Alex Cardelle, Student Body Vice President, at 352-395-5913.