African Culture Package, Nov. 9

African Culture Package, Nov. 9

Nii Sowa-La Abrampa will present the African Cultural Package, an afternoon wrapped in fun and discovery! The event is from 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 9 in R-01. The package contains African drumming and dancing, stories and songs, and poems and proverbs of the GaDangme people of Ghana, West Africa.

Nii Sowa-La, an Anthropology graduate of Santa Fe College, is an African Prince, traditionalist, poet, story-teller, composer, and author (Asaasra: GaDangme, Proverbs, Short Stories, and SongsMala Mawie: I Will Speak With Song; Agugui: The Roots and Marrow of GaDangme Language)!

All members of the Santa Fe community are welcome to attend this event.

For more information, contact Bobby Hom.