Santa Fe Student Designs Creative Way to Raise Money for Study Abroad Trip

Terrevio is an outstanding student. He is a sophomore majoring in Exercise and Sports Medicine. He is also an enlisted service member in the United States Navy and an active reservist while attending school.

Terrevio says, “In Ghana, I want to explore the land of my ancestors, visit new places, and focus specifically on serving others in need. In Ghana we will be doing philanthropy work and each person will be mentoring groups of children as well as using the background of our majors in college to do community services.”

He would appreciate any donations, too!

Terrevio is also planning to apply for one of the scholarships offered by Santa Fe College for Study Aboard. As a reminder, anyone wanting to apply for SLA Scholarship to study abroad must complete an application for the trip and fill out the Scholarship form asap. Both can be found here.