Ghana Study Abroad Meeting Jan. 12

Ghana Study Abroad Meeting Jan. 12

The monthly meeting for the Ghana Study Aboard trip will be held at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 12 in the SF Library, Y-239. If you are interested, please plan to come and hear all about it. You can earn 6 credits (3 in Cultural Geography and 3 in Sociology) during Summer A ,on a 10-day trip to Ghana, West Africa, beginning May 17.

Ghana is in West Africa, and is a former British colony and rich in history and tradition. We would love to have interested students join us this year. We will stay on the coast, cruise Lake Volta, visit slave castles and walk in the rainforest. The cost is $3,851, and Santa Fe College has scholarships to support study abroad programs.

Dr. Kezia Awadzi, Santa Fe College Business Programs, and a native of Ghana, will share her insights. She will discuss her perspectives having grown up in Ghana, and explain some of the cultural experiences that students may encounter. The group from Santa Fe College was honored to have Dr. Awadzi’s mother meet with them while they were in Ghana last May.

Here’s what SF student Danny Wolf said about her experience in Ghana last year:

“School wise, who wouldn’t want to learn in a completely different country? We could take the words we learned from our textbooks and apply it straight to our everyday life in Ghana. It put our lessons from class into perspective since it was literally right there in front of us.”

~ Danny Wolf, 2010

For more information, please email Professors Heidi Lannon or Naima Brown.