Spring 2011 Seminar Series: Communication and Leadership

The Santa Fe College Leadership Institute is offering a certificate of completion for those who attend all five leadership seminars in the Leadership Seminar series. All five seminars will be presented by Bruce Tucker, Ph.D., Coordinator of the Leadership Institute. The seminars are free and open to the public. 


  • Session I: Communication, the glue that holds the leadership parts together — 2-3:30 p.m., Feb. 2, S-326/327. Having a gilded tongue can get one into the guild of leadership. However, excellent communication skills are necessary for more reasons than just an effective interview. Communication has an impact on nearly every quality a leader should possess and the skills required to lead effectively. This seminar explains how communication skills are the glue that hold all the other aspects of leadership together.
  • Session II: Instant messaging, the impact of nonverbal communication  — 2-3:30 p.m., Feb. 9, S-326/327. It is not just what one says that is most important, it is what one does. Sometimes there is discrepancy between what one says and what one does. Recognizing the messages of nonverbal communication can provide a better understanding of what people will do and what they more genuinely think. 
  • Session III: Conflict resolution, disagreeing, agreeing, or agreeing to disagree — 2-3:30 p.m., Feb. 23, S-326/327. The porcupine principle states that the closer people become, the more likely they are to stick each other. All families love Thanksgiving, even though families have been known to squabble. If siblings wrestle, certainly people in groups will. This seminar provides some background on conflict and some hints on how to resolve it.
  • Session IV: Conflict resolution styles, your conflict modus operandi — 2-3:30 p.m., Mar. 2, S-326/327. People handle conflict in different ways. Some confront others, some hide, and some find more passive, but “ingenious” ways to get their own way. How do you handle such situations? Each of us has a conflict resolution style. This seminar will shed some light on this issue. 
  • Session V: One on one, mono a mono, principles for seeing things eye to eye — 2-3:30 p.m., Mar. 23, S-326/327. You cannot dodge everyone like you owe them money. At some point you will have to talk things through. This seminar will provide some guidelines on how one can do this more effectively and productively.