New Art Exhibit: “Orichas: Yorubas in America”

New Art Exhibit: “Orichas: Yorubas in America”

Opening reception, 4-6 p.m. Feb. 9, in the President’s Hall Gallery

A new multimedia re-imagining of Yoruba iconography by brothers Jorge, Juan and Jose Ibanez will run in the President’s Hall Gallery from Wednesday, Feb. 9 through Thursday, Feb. 17. An opening reception is scheduled for 4-6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 9

“We aim to make this part of the 2011 Black History Month celebrations and add this cultural angle to our campus events,” explains Jorge Ibanez, coordinator of the Digital Media Technology program. “This will be a multimedia show combining acrylic paints, silkscreen prints and carved wood. It will be a modern take on the iconography of the Yoruba.”

There will also be an interactive information kiosk with general information about the Yoruba and their religion and philosophy.

The Yoruba were the main African culture imported into the Caribbean as slaves whose cultural cultural legacy is an important part of the culture of all the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

The Orichas, the Yoruba deities, are the historical basis for the modern Santos of the Cuban Santeria. They have been of great influence in the Spanish Caribbean culture and arts, and figure in popular traditions and folk tales.

The exhibit is sponsored by the Black Student Union, My Brother’s Keeper, Digital Media Technology and Student Life

For more information, please contact Jorge Ibanez at 395-5979.