Kudos to SF’s Circle K Club

Kudos to SF’s Circle K Club

The SF Circle K Club (community service) attended the Florida District Convention in Tampa from Feb. 18 to 20. They were very excited and proud when they received numerous awards, including “Most Improved Club” in the state. They also received a divisional award with the University of Florida for being the best division in the state. 

Additionally, SF student Brian J Rigney received recognition for being one of the three best Club Secretaries and he also received the Circle K Hall of Fame award, which is only given to one member in the state. Finally, SF student Travis Bennett was elected to the State Board for the position of District Editor. This is the first time the SF club has received any of these awards, and the first time an SF student has been elected to the state board. 

Congratulations Circle K!

~ submitted by Sharon Loschiavo, Advisor for Circle K