RUE Concludes its Research & Creative Scholarly Projects Festival

RUE Concludes its Research & Creative Scholarly Projects Festival

The 2011 Research & Creative Scholarly Projects Festival, sponsored by the Research in Undergraduate Education (RUE) Workgroup has concluded its week-long celebration of student research. On Monday, April 18, 52 student posters were showcased in a poster session held on the Library porch. Faculty members served as evaluators, speaking with the students and giving them constructive feedback. The top nine posters, listed below, will be on display in the lobby of the Fine Arts Hall for the College Awards Ceremony and Student Awards Ceremony, today.

  • Elizabeth Plasencia, “Stress Tolerance in Rice Crops” (Faculty Mentor: Denise Guerin, Biological Sciences)
  • Michael Sciardi, “Deficit Irrigation of Turfgrass Systems” (Faculty Mentor: Denise Guerin, Biological Sciences)
  • Cody Godwin, Matt Kail, Austin Cave, and Leroy Nunez, “Population Structure of the Suwannee Cooter (Pseudemys concinna suwanniensis) in the Lower Santa Fe River” (Faculty Mentor: Jerry Johnston, Biological Sciences)
  • Matt KailEric Suarez, “Population Ecology of the Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina osceola) in a Northern Florida River” (Faculty Mentor: Jerry Johnston, Biological Sciences)
  • Rebecca Godwin, “John Biggers: Annotated Art” (Faculty Mentor: Bobby Hom, Humanities)
  • Tim Ritter, “Sloan, Earl and the Birth of Style: How Two Men Transformed an Industry” (Faculty Mentor: Bobby Hom, Humanities)
  • Andrew Bingler and Tessira Crawford, “Hydraulic Fracturing and Environmental Damage” (Faculty Mentor: Richard Dickson, Physical Sciences)
  • Fernando Caffoll, “Vicksburg” (Faculty Mentor: Donna Waller, Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • Fernando Caffoll, “Studying and GPA ” (Faculty Mentor: Sarah George, Mathematics)

On Wednesday, April 20, two students gave three oral presentations to a packed room in Y-123 (Library). The three presentations were:

  • Adam Alonzi, “On the Origins and Persistence of Etruscan Culture” – video 
  • Andres Breton, “A Comparison of Commercial Disinfectants and Household Products Against Common Bacterial Species” – video part 1 ~ video part 2
  • Adam Alonzi, “Epigenetics, Cybernetics, Disease and Evolution” – video 

Also on Wednesday, creative projects were celebrated in the Spotlight on Creativity.Creative projects and performances by students were held during class breaks in the E Breezeway. Dancers and drummers performed (and invited audience participation!), while student-created masks, comics, and dioramas were present for viewing.

Overall, a total of 69 research projects were showcased, from a variety of disciplines (biological sciences, humanities, mathematics, physical sciences, fine arts, and social and behavioral sciences). An abstract booklet for all projects can be found here – PDF.

Stay tuned for more RUE events throughout the year!

~ submitted by Diana Matthews