Royal Wedding Cupcakes

Royal Wedding Cupcakes

Need a little fun and frivolity? Wedding cupcakes to the rescue.

Dianne Wilkinson, Administrative Assistant to the chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences, baked cupcakes last night in anticipation of today’s Royal Wedding.

“DC Cupcakes made Royal Cupcakes,” she explained. “I’ve made Not So Royal Cupcakes.”

But she didn’t just bake, she decorated. She created a Wedding Buffet in her department’s conference room in P-154 (see photos).

“I was just so excited,” she said. “I couldn’t sleep. I dressed in my living room this morning and took photos of the wedding right off the television.”

She would have fit right in, hat and all, if she’d gotten the opportunity to attend the real deal. As it is, she is dressed-to-wed today. Notice the hat. It is one of many.

“I do hats!” she exclaims. “I have hats on my walls, I have hats on the backs of chairs! I love to decorate!”

Wilkinson invites you to partake of her enthusiasm and enjoy the Royal Wedding Cupcake Buffet in the P-154 conference room. While the cupcakes last.