New Flag Dedicated to SF Retiree Dean Beckman

The SF Collegiate Veterans Society members, under the capable leadership of newly-elected President Mat Davis and past President Ryan Rutherford, recently replaced the cable on the 110-foot flag pole located at the south end of the Northwest campus.

This work was done as the campus-veteran-initiated project enters the fifth year since the 2006 dedication and required a “bucket truck” capable of reaching the very top of the pole. The flag had to be taken down about two weeks ago as the old cable was no longer serviceable and was installed incorrectly.

A new, 30-by-60-foot flag (the size of an 1,800 square foot house) was raised and dedicated in honor of Dean Beckman, retired SF employee and longterm supporter of student veteran initiatives on campus. Flag viewers will note that the flag can now be raised to the very top of the pole.

The flag pole and flag can be viewed from space and is often Internet visited by our SF students serving in the United States military around the world. The flag has become a Gainesville landmark and is enjoyed by millions of drivers using I-75 each year.

~ submitted by John Gebhardt, Coordinator, Veterans Affairs