Dr. Terry O’banion and Dr. Jackson Sasser discuss, strategic design to advance institutional goals.

terry obanionDr. Terry O’Banion was President of the League for Innovation in the Community College for 23 years until his retirement. Under his leadership the League became an international organization serving over 700 colleges recognized by Change magazine in 1998 as “the most dynamic organization in the community college world.” Since retirement O’Banion has worked on special projects for the League for Innovation, MetLife Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Chauncey Group International, and Walden University.

O’Banion has served as a dean of students at Central Florida Community College, founding dean at Santa Fe Community College (FL), and vice chancellor for education for the Dallas County Community College District.  He has been a Professor of Higher Education at the University of Illinois; Distinguished Visiting Professor at The University of Texas; Visiting Professor at Berkeley, Florida State, Hawaii, and Toronto; the Marie Y. Roberts Endowed Professor of Higher Education at the University of North Texas; and a Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence at Antioch University McGregor School of Management.