Bike to Work (or Class!) Week, May 16-20

Bike to Work (or Class!) Week, May 16-20

Friday, May 20 is Bike to Work Day, courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists. If you’re planning to bike, email to so we can share a list of the week’s bike riders. Especially if you are biking with other SF folks! The Bike Month website has lots of good resources. Check out their Bike to Work Commuter Booklet, for instance.

Marshall Blair at the SF Fitness Center writes: “We rent out lockers for free to all faculty and staff. The locker rooms are fully functional and include showers. So if you ride your bike to work, you can get cleaned up in our locker rooms, which are also air conditioned.”

SF Bikesters

“I’m glad that biking to work is getting so much good attention. Thank you. I plan to bike to work this week. I bike whenever I can throughout the year. So many benefits!”

~ Dr. Rhonda Felheim, Sciences for Health Programs

“We have quite a few riders in the Fine Arts Department. Federico Moratorio, Adam Greco, David Zertuche and I all ride to work, especially in the summer. We can be seen on 39th Avenue, Newberry Road and Fort Clarke Boulevard.”

~ Liz Reynolds, SF Theatre Program

“I’ll be biking to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday this week — up and down NW 39th Avenue from Forest of the Unicorn — and will be looking for other 39th Avenue bikesters.”

~Claudia Connelly, Disabilities Resource Center

“I bike to work. I start at Gainesville Health and Fitness and then either go west at Newberry Road and up through the neighborhood across from Long John Silvers to 23rd Avenue or I go west on Newberry and then up NW 55th to 23rd.”

~ Chanda Stebbins, Athletics

“I am biking to work this week. Yay!”

~Rachel Converse, Administration Office

“You bet! NW 39th Avenue, like EVERYONE!”

~Dr. David Yonutas, Academic Affairs

“I’ll also be biking to work on Friday, negotiating the many bumpy sidewalks (since there are no bike lanes) along NW 16th and 23rd Avenues.”

~ Dr. Ed Bonahue, Academic Affairs


Are you riding your bike this week? Email to Everyone who participates in Bike to Work Week will have a chance to win one of five SF aluminum water bottles donated by Sustainable Santa Fe. Please let us know if you are biking by 9 a.m. Friday.