SF Wins Student Development Commission’s Exemplary Practice Award

A message from Dan Rodkin, Director, Student Life:

At last week’s AFC Student Development Commission conference, Jenny Lackey (right) and Angela Long won the Commission’s Exemplary Practice award for 2011.

Lackey and Long presented “Meeting Marketing Needs with Student Interns,” during which they explained how Student Life employs multiple student interns from the SF Digital Media Technology and Internet Services Technology programs to meet a variety of needs with minimal budgetary impact. The assessments conducted demonstrated the program’s worth and effectiveness across several criteria.

As Exemplary Practice winners, Lackey and Long received a $500 check from the Commission for the Santa Fe College Foundation. They will receive an additional $500 after they present their program at the 2011 AFC Convention. This is Santa Fe’s first time winning the Student Development Commission’s Exemplary Practice award.

Congrats Jenny and Angela!