Long-Sought SF Transportation Bill Becomes Law

Long-Sought SF Transportation Bill Becomes Law

Legislation that will bring public transportation to the students of Santa Fe College has finally passed. SB 2150 grants the Santa Fe College Board of Trustees the authority to establish a transportation fee with the approval of the college’s Student Government. The fee will allow Santa Fe College to draft an agreement with the Gainesville Regional Transit System to provide free access to SF students on all of its bus routes.

The passage of this bill is the culmination of years of cooperative hard work between the administrative staff of the college, student activists, SF Student Government, and Sen. Steve Oelrich in particular.

“The students have gained access to better education, improved safety, and the environment is now better protected,” said SF President Jackson Sasser.

President Sasser will spend the afternoon personally contacting everyone who has worked so hard on the bill, including past leaders of Student Government.

Pending approval of the Santa Fe College District Board of Trustees and Student Government, free access to the Gainesville Regional Transit System will commence with the start of the Fall 2011 term.


  • President Jackson Sasser, 352-395-5168
  • Larry Keen, assistant to the president, 352-395-5168 or
  • David Houder, College Relations, for assistance facilitating your story, 352-281-3109 (cell) or 352-381-3625 (office) or