SF Planetarium’s Albury Selected to Co-Host PBS’ “Star Gazer”

SF Planetarium’s Albury Selected to Co-Host PBS’ “Star Gazer”

Santa Fe College Planetarium Coordinator James Albury was recently named a permanent co-host of the internationally syndicated PBS show, “Star Gazer,” along with astronomer Dean Regas of the Cincinnati Observatory.

Regas and Albury have alternated guest hosting the “Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer” show since Horkheimer’s death last August.

“It’s quite surreal seeing myself on the same show that sparked my interest in astronomy,” said Albury, who has coordinated Santa Fe’s Kika Silva Pla Planetarium since October 2009. “I used to watch Jack all the time when I was a kid, and now my kids will be watching me.”

At 15, Albury began working part-time as a console operator at the Miami Space Transit Planetarium (where Horkheimer was executive director). He continued in that role for eight years while also earning a bachelor’s degree in astronomy at the University of Florida. Albury plans to pursue a doctorate in education with a focus on science education.

The Kika Silva Pla Planetarium and Cincinnati Observatory are partnering in the production with WPBT-TV and the Miami Science Museum and Planetarium. The show airs locally during the late night and early morning on WUFT-TV Gainesville.

Beginning Oct. 4, the show will be renamed “Star Gazers” and Albury and Regas will appear together talking about what’s happening in the night sky, encouraging their viewers to “Keep looking up!”

“This is going to be an exciting opportunity for not only Santa Fe College, but for our entire community, ” said Albury. “I’ve already received e-mails from young people who’ve seen my episodes, and some of them live half way across the country. Talk about outreach!”

If catching the 1- and 5-minute episodes on TV is a challenge, the episodes can be viewed on YouTube at the following link:

For archived episodes of “Star Gazer” featuring Jack Horkheimer, as well as current episodes featuring Regas and Albury, visit the show’s website:

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