Counselors’ Workshop at the Perry Center for Emerging Technologies

A message from Stacey Ledvina, Admission Specialist:

“The Office of Admissions recently held a Counselors’ Workshop at the Perry Center for Emerging Technologies. This was the third annual workshop where we educate the educator.

“Guidance counselors from Westwood Middle School, Lincoln Middle School, Ft. Clarke Middle School, Buchholz and Santa Fe High Schools were on hand for a tour of the facility and to solve a “crime.”

Dr. Sasser welcomed the group before they met with Brandy Williams, Advisement Specialist for Early Childhood Education, and Julie Crosby, Coordinator of the Gator Den.

Elaine Monck, faculty member, set up a fake crime scene in the lab where the counselors swabbed their mouths to collect their DNA and then mixed it with a solution. Once the DNA was ready, they extracted it from a tube and deposited it into a heart-shaped necklace. They all left the workshop with their DNA dangling from their necks!

Kelly Gridley, Dean of the Perry Center for Emerging Technologies, and the rest of the faculty and staff were fantastic! Many, many thanks to everyone who was involved with the workshop.

“Plans are already in the works for next year’s workshop.”

DNA-filled, heart-shaped necklaces? Check out these photos.