How Dulu Got Her Name

How Dulu Got Her Name

SF Facilities’ Project Manager Jesse Pugh came up with the winning name of Dulu for the Teaching Zoo’s new baby gibbon. No small feat considering there were 175 names submitted!

Dulu means “first” in Indonesian, and Dulu is first in several ways: Eddie and Cajun’s first offspring (coming up on her first birthday July 21!), the Teaching Zoo’s first gibbon, etc.

What’s Jesse’s “prize”? She got to feed the entire gibbon family pieces of banana off a stick. (How many people have done that?)

Here’s how the voting turned out:

  • Suchin = 89 votes
  • Ayu = 101 votes
  • Dulu = 147 votes
  • TOTAL = 337 votes

And how does Dulu seem to be developing?

“She climbs all over mom, all over the enclosure, and sometimes, she even climbs all over dad,” said Tarah Jacobs, Conservation Education Specialist. “She’s our first gibbon born here, so obviously it’s been very exciting and it’s been fun to watch her grow up.”

The Zoo now has self-guided tours, so if you want to come by and spend some time with Dulu, please do!