Farm-to-Restaurant Workshop & Culinary Fair, Aug. 1

Farm-to-Restaurant Workshop & Culinary Fair, Aug. 1

One of the SF CIED’s incubating companies, Blue Oven Kitchens, is corodinating the second annual Farm-to-Restaurant Workshop and Culinary Fair on Monday, Aug. 1 at the Thomas Center.

The 10-county area of North Central Florida spends over $4 billion per year on food; therefore, encouraging the capture of even a portion of this money through local agriculture and business will help these dollars to recirculate in our region many times over. The workshops encourage local sourcing and foster business relationships by creating a forum for farmers, restaurants and distributors to better understand each other’s growing, selling and purchasing needs.

The event runs from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. and pre-registration is required ($10). Details are in this PDF.

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