Health Information and Technology Week, Nov. 6-12

Health Information and Technology Week, Nov. 6-12

The focus of Health Information and Technology Week is to raise awareness and celebrate the evolution of HIM (Health Information Management) and HIT (Health Information Technology) professionals, and the benefits of their profession working collectively to deliver quality healthcare through quality information.

To learn more about Santa Fe’s programs in this field, please visit:

  • Health IT Workforce Training Program – website
  • Health Information Technolcoy and Management – website

HIM professionals are expertly trained in the management of health information, and ensure health information is available throughout the healthcare deivery system. They manage both paper and electronic systems for information storage and retrieval, and play a vital role ensuring health information is available, accurate and confidential. HIM professionals protect confidentiality by ensuring the release of your health information follows all applicable state and federal guidelines.

Healthcare’s scope begins at birth and ends at death, and HIM professionals are acutely aware of the importance of the consumer’s need for healthcare accuracy and integrity.

Consumers have the right to:

  • View and access health information
  • Request and receive copies of their health information
  • Request a correction or update to health information
  • Request a restriction to their health information (keep certain information from ever being released)
  • Request an accounting of disclosures (a log of where certain information was released as defined by law).

Above all, HIM professionals provide your health information only to those who you want to have it. Information can be provided through individual pieces of information, or your complete record.

The American Health Information Management Association provides support, representation, and training to HIM professionals. It sponsors Health Information and Technology Week, along with the Canadian Health Information Management Association.

For more information about Santa Fe’s HIT and HIM programs, please contact Professor Julie Shay at 352-395-5024.

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