A Mile a Day at Santa Fe

A Mile a Day at Santa Fe

This semester’s wellness event is “A Mile a Day at Santa Fe,” and involves a competitive tallying of participants’ physical activity. While “walking” is in the title, participants can convert any physical activity into “walking miles.”

“So that means gardening, house cleaning, biking — you can get credit for everything you do that involves physical activity, ” explained Beverly Polk in Human Resources.

The conversion chart will “live” on the Wellness webpage. Every Monday by noon, participants will email Marshal Blair their number of miles for the previous week.

Participants who keep a weekly mileage log are entitled to prizes awarded throughout the semester.

“The longer you continue, the more perks,” Beverly said. “At the end of the semester, participants will be eligible for a grand prize drawing.”

So join up with “A Mile a Day at Santa Fe” to back up all your great new year’s resolutions and to get credit for all your activities and workouts! Let’s see how far we can walk together!