Book Presentation Today

High School Dual Enrollment teacher Michael Allard presented the Lawrence W. Tyree Library with a host of books on Asia, ranging from Oriental Mythology to the Genius of China.  Allard received the books taking part in the year long Florida Seminar for Teaching on Asia at the University of Florida, a sponsored division of the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA).

Allard was inspired to take this class in part by President Sasser’s challenge to give our students an international perspective, as well as his desire to broaden their horizons. Allard has used many of the resources he was exposed to during the seminar class in his own high school United States History Honors and English Honors classes here at Santa Fe, giving his students a window into cultures from the other side of the planet. He hopes to take advantage of the travel opportunities the NCTA offers to its seminar attendees, and perhaps, someday, even lead a group of students on a journey to Asia.

The formal presentation of the books will take place today in the Library Lobby. For more information, please call the library at 395-5409.