Outdoor Concert Raises Awareness for Local Charity

Outdoor Concert Raises Awareness for Local Charity

-A message from Gary Hartge, Director of Institutional Research

Praise in the Field is an annual outdoor ecumenical concert of contemporary Christian churches and artists in the Gainesville area,  coming together to provide a family focused event whose goal is to help feed those of our community both body and soul. The purpose of the concert is to raise awareness of local charities.

This year’s concert will be held noon to 4 p.m., April 21, at the Bo Didley Plaza in downtown Gainesville and will support the Interfaith Hospitality Network. While the intent is to raise awareness of this organization, not funds, donations will be accepted at the event.

In the past, musical groups from various local churches have performed, as well as independent groups such as Six Days from Sunday, Fighting Instinct and Tracy Root.

For more information, visit the Praise in the Field facebook page. Or, check out the Backseat Disciples facebook page for a music sample.