Webinar Feb. 14

Webinar Feb. 14

A Message from David Yonutas

Dear Online Faculty,

Please join your colleagues for the following webinar sponsored by the Center for Instructional Design and Academic Technologies. The webinar will be held in P-266 (seating is limited, so come early if you can). Following this one hour presentation, we will have a 30 minute discussion regarding the content and implications of the presentation.

Accessibility, Usability, and Personality: A Model for Everyday Online Course Design Feb. 14, 2-3 p.m. Eastern Time Presenters: Corey Davis, Executive Director, and Yu-Feng “Leon” Wu, Instructional Designer, OC Global, Odessa College.

Odessa College offers its students an educational environment with asynchronous learning opportunities that support a completely-online community. OC Global offers accelerated and self-paced core transfer courses and completely-online Associate Degree programs that allow students to complete a degree on their own schedule. From flexible enrollment, on demand classes, live office hours, free textbooks, online-student scholarships and courses that come with a guarantee – OC Global provides multiple support functions that promote student retention and success. Students can use their smart phones to take 85 percent of each OC Global course (a regular cell phone allows them to take 50 percent). Soon, OC Global plans to launch courses in which learners can complete 100 percent of their courses via their smart and regular cell phone.

Corey Davis will walk participants through the OC Global program, and describe how it:

  • Modified traditional school policies (and ways of thinking) to support new models of course delivery and enrollment,
  • Implements universal course designs and instructional strategies to support diverse learners, such as English-language learners, low-performing students, and those with learning disabilities or psychological problems,
  • Uses mobile technology, open source content and social networking communication, and
  • Leverages its relationships with technology vendors and educational organizations to achieve its goals.