Will you host a food box?

Will you host a food box?

-A Message from Dan Rodkin


 We have been contacted by Journey Creations, a group working with Peaceful Paths, a certified domestic abuse network that serves survivors of domestic violence in Alachua, Bradford, and Union counties, about a community-wide food drive they planning for March.  This food drive will run all month, and they will be making a delivery to Peaceful Paths on Monday, April 2.

 Journey Creations  has asked us to identify locations where they may place collection boxes.  Note that Journey Creations will deliver the decorated and labeled boxes  around March 1, and will provide publicity on campus and in the community for this drive.  They will make regular pick-ups when the boxes get full, and will remove the boxes at the end of March.

Please email me if you are willing to “host” a collection box in your department.  Please include the room number where the box should be placed and the person whom Journey Creations should contact when dropping off the box. 

Thanks.  –Dan