Career Services Special Meeting: March 13

Career Services Special Meeting: March 13

All Career Service employees are invited and encouraged to attend a special meeting at 2 p.m. Tuesday, March 13 in W-Annex 108 to discuss the addition of the following stipulation, as well as any other concerns regarding the Sick Leave Pool at Santa Fe College.

The Philosophy supported by the majority of Career Service staff:

To provide an opportunity for employees to create a bank of sick leave hours that can be drawn on by fellow employee SLP members who exhaust all sick leave due to personal illness, accident, or injury up to 60 work days more time then there is personal sick leave to recover.

  • The language of this philosophy lowers the threshold of injury; however with no change in the maximum benefit awarded it is suspected that SLP hours will be depleted more quickly.

With this in mind, it was suggested that career service re-examine the philosophy to include the stipulation relating to “catastrophic, unforeseen illness or injury,” making it quite similar to the current policy.